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Where adventure awaitsEdit

They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man’s-land between adventure and crusade – soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood.

They are liars, loners, losers – trapped on the outskirts of a war fought in silence and shadow. Drawn into darkness, they flee it, they study it, they make it their home.

Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

What is Unseen Shadows Transmedia Project?Edit

The birth of the Unseen Shadows universe began within the pages of modern day pulp adventure novel Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent. Since the novel's publication the universe has expanded across multiple platforms that include including comics, audio and social media.

Unseen Shadows has put together a diverse creative team comprised of some of the best indie talent in the UK and aboard. Our goal is simple – to create all new adventures set within the world of Unseen Shadows. These new stories and characters will not only feed into future novels as canon but will also be created to be enjoyed as solo adventures. Of course there is a richer experience to be gained if the novels and the expanded universe titles are explored but it will not be vital to do so. It’s all about offering you the choice to enjoy Unseen Shadows in a way that works for you.

To begin with the plan is to release material directly related to the world of Unseen Shadows. Some of this material will be available for free via the website and some will come at a cost. We want to open up as many different avenues into the world of Unseen Shadows as possible. 

All that remains to say is welcome to Unseen Shadows. Where adventure awaits.

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